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1. Eligibility

To qualify for reseller status, as a current customer of Novolla Systems you need to satisfy the conditions mentioned below:

  1. Initially set up your own web space account with Novolla.(which you already will have)
  2. Within the first year you are required to introduce, maintain and service five new accounts to qualify as a reseller. The start of the year for these purposes is when you setup your first customer 's account
  3. For clarification, an account is any size of a Web Space Plan. Services such as Sub Domains, Dynamic Domains, etc are not classified as an account.
  4. You will be in charge of all related accounting work, billing, technical support etc. for your customers. Novolla will not directly deal with your customer in any way.
  5. Novolla will charge you individually for each sale and invoice you directly at standard prices.
  6. Upon reaching the five account threshold, your personal account will be tagged as a 'reseller' account. From then onwards you will receive the appropriate discount which will be shown on the invoices.
  7. You will remain a reseller as long as you adhere to section 2.

2. Maintaining Reseller Status

  1. Once you become a reseller, there is a tiered rate of discounts based on the number of accounts activated.
  2. Required to setup at least five new accounts every year.
  3. As soon as your annual introductions fall below 5 a/cs, you will revert to the next lower discount rate.
  4. Once you drop all the way down to 0% discount rate, you will lose your reseller status.

3. Offers/Discounts

Accounts activated
(Web Space)
Discount rate
5+ 5
10+ 7.5
15+ 10
25+ 15

4. Payment of Discounts

Discounts would be given in a straightforward way, as per order. Within each tiered discount band your invoice would show the normal prices and then the applicable discount rate. As a result you only pay the discounted price to Novolla.

Reseller discounts will apply on any service you purchase from Novolla. This includes renewals, name registrations, Dynamic Domains, Sub Domains, etc.

5. Administrative Issues

You are becoming a reseller (distributor) for Novolla on the understanding that you accept to undertake all the related administrative functions between yourself and the end-customer (your client). Novolla would be invoicing you directly for each sales order generated.

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