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Hosting Environment

All physical machines are Sun Solaris™ powered using SPARC™ chipsets. Combine this with traffic regulated by Cisco switches and routers make our partnered Network Data Center extremely flexible, powerful and easy to manage.

One top of all the physical infrastructure, add the most popular and proven web server - Apache. We have all the ingredients for a 24/7, 365 day on-line business location!

With our expertise in hardware, software, telecommunications and e-Business solutions, Novolla is the only provider that guarantees your business will be there for your customers in all shape and form.

Network ...

  • Cisco switches, routers, etc
  • 100MB/s interface into backbone
  • Vertical fiber - horizontal copper network construction
  • Dual switch connectivity per Web Server

Server Hardware ...

  • Sun Solaris™ powered using SPARC™ machines
  • Multi-processor architecture
  • UPS power fail protection

Storage ...

  • 100% space allocation
  • 2% shared allocation
  • Hot mirrored drive
  • Daily tape backups

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