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Java Web & Application Hosting
Account Features

  • Various account sizes - 5GB and upwards
  • Tomcat 7.x web container
  • JDK 6 or 7
  • Plenty of site traffic allowance
  • mySQL database with JDBC driver
  • Complete container control
  • Unlimited FTP updates and container restarts
  • Full control of your web site
  • Full site traffic information
Plus ALL the bells and whistles as on our standard plans (eTrader) and more!

Using our Java Web accounts, you can be sure your online business and applications will be at its best.With accounts as flexible as ours, you can deploy your applications within minutes -- whether for yourself or for your customer. Truly host multiple domains and even allow individual host access too!

Q: We would need assistance with our application development. So, we prefer to host elsewhere?
We have the required expertise to consult, support and even develop web applications using J2EE. With us you can be assured you won't just get any type of support, we give individual attention and so will be familiar with your specific needs every time you contact us.

Q: Can my site expand to my needs?
Yes. We used to offer Java Host plans of 350 and 700MB in sizes, new accounts start at 5GB due to CPU and RAM needs. We can accomodate larger requirements. Need Java with Oracle hosting on a true Enterprise system? We supply them too!

Let us take care of the server - you take of your business. Together, we enjoy your business success. Nothing more would give us more pleasure than to see our customer success online.

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