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Domain Registration
With almost 25 000 domain names being registered daily, can you afford to lose out? And now with the new extensions of .biz and .info, you too can get that domain name you were always after.

Here, at Novolla, we provide a complete domain name registration service - fast, reliable and secure. Most of all, flexible. We don't register domains for free -- meaning we won't charge you at the end of the registration period and take you by surprise either!! All registration and transfer fees are payable upfront and you will know exactly what you are paying for.

New registrations usually extend for 2 years, renewals are for one year. We can register/renew domains for upto 10 years in advance!

New domain names coming soon to the Internet:

Latest wave of domain extensions available:

.info (from October 2001)
.biz (from November 2001)
The all important question - "how much does it cost"?

Register .info and .biz domains for the same price as for .com's!
So you have registered your domains but not using them to their full? Use one of our flexible hosting plans

With our Dynamic Domain, forward web traffic from one domain to another.
When you register your domain through us, we'll tell you exactly how much it costs and for how long -- no hidden surprises when it comes to changing providers.

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