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Dynamic Domain

A service we pioneered back in early 1997 allows you to use any space, anywhere! And today Dynamic Domain drives thousands of domains through the Internet with various applications. Some businesses use it with a registered domain name to point to existing free space with another provider(s), whereas others use it to get branded or speacial product launch URLs to revert back to specific areas within a corporate site. Whatever your use, use Dynamic Domain -- its cheap, its flexible, its effective.

Dynamic domain is not HTML frame based. A frame based system although will ensure the entered URL (on the visitor's browser) remains the same, has too many problems. It can leave people in a "frame-lock" or even make it your site display messy if framesets are incorrect. Worse still, web robots don't work well with such systems. Dynamic domains, on the contrary are configured on a server. All requests are directed to the actual physical location of your site.

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